Forex Harvester 2.0 2.0

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Forex Harvester can increase your equity month after month and EXPLODE your account into the stratosphere!
* This is Low Stress Trading at its best. Forex Harvester takes the best trades of the week, and then it is you aren't always waiting and watching the markets.
* The EA avoids most Major News events. Just one bit of news can kill a trade and even a whole account!
* Forex Harvester can be traded with OTHER EA's, as it USUALLY (not always) exits its weekly trades within the first few hours of the week.
* The system is designed specifically for the pairs it is traded on, and each was selected carefully for its typical movements. HOWEVER, the results were NOT optimized to make the back tests look better than they really are.
* Filters are in place to avoid bad trades. How’s that for watching your back! Unlike most of the junk out there that trades TOO MUCH, Forex Harvester avoids over trading.
* HERE IS THE BIG ONE: Our proprietary Pip Amplification Technology or P.A.T. gets the most out of the movement while minimizing risk.
Through countless hours of trading the market and learning strategies we have come up with P.A.T. This EA will grab the most pips while minimizing lot size, thus minimizing risk.
* Risk is based on protecting your account. It is set up so you know the LARGEST loss possible, so if the market turns against you there is no guess work in what is at risk. Because of P.A.T. the loss may be half that size depending on market movements, even though losses are quite rare, but always a part of trading.

Here is what Forex Harvester DO for YOU:
* Your robot—and all future robots—is made BY traders FOR traders. It is based on a proven trading strategy and “trades” just like a real trader. We live by “the trend is your friend”!
* It uses REAL money management, unlike the other junk out there. There are only a couple of user settings and they are very easy to set. We CARE about your money!

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