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Forex Magic Bullet fits the bill.

It comprises cutting edge software that runs on auto-pilot, enabling you to just install it and set it up, which requires only minutes of your time - after which time you can just sit back and let its complex and sophisticated algorithms and functions take care of all the profitable trading for you.

I'm talking about probabilities here, not possibilities!

Sure, the markets fluctuate, that's a given, so you cannot expect to make the exact same figures each day or the exact same figures as others might make. Your future profits will be different to our profits, but that's part of the wonder and potential of trading the foreign exchange markets: YOU can choose what you invest to begin with, YOU can choose what level of cash you want available in your account on a running basis, and YOU can direct events ultimately, to be sure you're securing your best possible outcome.
Forex Magic Bullet hits its target again, with just under $10,000 profit in only four days... Not bad, huh!

Now, we don't wish to provoke your inner sceptic here, so of course we're not trying to claim that every day will be like these previous proofs. We’ve shown you some incredible profits, five figures in the space of a week, but we said, markets fluctuate and as a result your profits will fluctuate too!
So you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Let me just emphasize what you're getting here:
-> Sophisticated, cutting edge, fully automated software that will trade FOR YOU, bringing in winning trade after winning trade.
-> A tool that trades reliably for amazing consistent profits, ensuring you enjoy the maximum profit potential of each and every winning trade, all while minimizing or avoiding loss.
-> Forex Magic Bullet also monitors your account to keep it strong and profitable, so you won’t have to worry about sudden, crashing losses wiping out your account.

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