Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 2.0

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Forex Mentor Pro! Add the power of the private mentoring blog to the package and you have nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams of trading forex professionally.
Here's just a taste of what's covered in the M2 course...
The step-by-step trading rules for the M2 Forex Trading System, from entry to exit.
How to set up your charts for success.
How to plot the required M2 indicators, and calculating entries.
Exactly how to use certain moving averages which pull money out of the market again and again.
Discover how to identify pullbacks and cash in on them with deadly accuracy.
One simple technique which tells you exactly when the M2 system is about to payout.
How to use the power of price action to maximise your forex gains with M2.
How to set a Forex trap to catch moves of hundreds of pips with little to no risk!If I sold these videos on their own, I'd charge $97 for them as a standalone product... and they'd be a bargain.
Here's just a taste of what you will discover in the Advanced LMT Material...
The 1-2-3 easy way to find out if a trade has a high chance of success, and how to uncover what trades are losers before they even begin.
Put this one simple rule into action and to cut down your losing trades by over 50% immediately!
My "no brainer" method of ensuring a trade has room to move into profit before i put my money on the line.
How to use support and resistance to maximise your gains and minimise your losses.
The one thing that absolutely EVERYONE must know in order to be a successful forex trader.
How to use trend lines and channels the right way... (its not what you think)
Discover when you should be trading and when its time to sit back and let the less fortunate be eaten alive.
How and when to use the most powerful weapon a trader has... "price action".
What separates the massively successful forex traders from the poor folks who never make a dime.

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