Forex Robovore 2.0 2.0

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Forex Robovore has been written from the ground up for Trading, not for customer perceived desires down.....
It does not trade with 90% plus profitable Trades, and does not look to scalp a few pips from the market with each Trade. It does not use excessive stops that will wipe your account (or as one recent system was found no stop at all...!). it is not geared to make a little money over a 2 Month guarantee period and then falter and Fail.
It is a trading philosophy. It is a FOR LIFE system, if you have the patience and desire to make it work.
ROBOVORE Concentrates on what Counts......
Entry Biased Towards 'Swing' Trading
Consisting of two Modified Oscillators, with standard deviation Price Action based Real-time entry trigger.
Unique 'Per Trade' Initial Stop Placement
Based on recent Donchian Price activity (plus an Average true Range based noise buffer). Compensates for volatility.
Automated Money Management
% risked, variable lotsize, based on Pips risked between entry and initial stop placement (max possible loss, including measured slippage). Unique to each Trade. Dynamic calculation based on Free Trading Equity available at time of Trade placement.
3 Stage Staggered Stop Trail
Tightens when Price moves positively to reduce risk by 50%, then again when price moves positively so that stop can be moved to breakeven, where the trade is exited by 50% (for a profit) and a 3rd trailing stop is then used to allow further profit to be potentially captured with Zero Risk.
Real-Time On Chart Reporting
Tells the User exactly what to expect from the system on each currency pair being Traded. Capture of Broker Trade Slippage, as well as full Trade logs available too.
Real-Time Velocity Calculation
Used for base-line results prediction. Based on variant of Van Tharpe System Quality Number.

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