Gammu 1.32.0

Authors Description

Gammu is a project which encompasses scripts, applications  and drivers for managing various functions on cellular phones and other similar devices.

Gammu is a stable and mature codebase with support for many models available on the market and provides functions unavailable in other similiar projects.

Long term development is oriented towards making a shared API for classes of device rather than supporting single phone models (which are eventually made obsolete with the arrival of new models).

Gammu is command line utility and library to work with mobile phones from many vendors. Support for different models differs, but basic functions should work with majority of them.

The program can work with contacts, messages (SMS, EMS and MMS), calendar, todos, filesystem, integrated radio, camera, etc. Gammu also supports daemon mode to send and receive SMSes.

Key features of Gammu:

  - Call listing, initiating and handling
  - SMS retrieval, backup and sending
  - Phonebook listing, export and import (also from standard formats such as vCard)
  - Calendar and tasks listing, export and import (also from standard formats such as vCalendar or iCalendar)
  - Retrieval of phone and network information

  • Gammu 1.32.0
  • Gammu 1.32.0

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