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Internet traffic has boomed since the '90s, from merely one terabyte in 1990 to nearly two petabytes in 1996, over one thousand petabytes in 2004, ten thousand in 2009 and twenty thousand in 2011 according to a report published by Cisco Systems. This huge amount of data piles up from every single download / upload operation that takes place worldwide. Actually, they're both the same process – the only difference is whether you're at the receiving end or not.

Having your PC connected to the Internet is enough for you to generate Internet traffic the second your OS boots up. It's really not necessary to open your browser and willingly download something in order for your computer to send and receive packets. While not all of these packets are easily manageable, anyone can manage the downloads and uploads of their own choice. This can be done by installing specific software that soothes and simplifies the whole process.

This particular software category is called 'Download Manager' and it definitely has highlights such as IDM (Internet Download Manager), FlashGet, Orbit Downloader, GetRight, Download Accelerator Plus or Free Download Manager. Global Downloader sits at the top of the remaining list of download managers that deserve at least a try. Packing a common yet well-organized interface, this application helps you better organize your downloads as well as uploads.

Its support for multiple Internet protocols such as FTP / SFTP / P2P / HTTP or HTTPS makes an all-round complete manager for your Internet data transfers. On first run, Global Downloader welcomes you with a Connection Wizard that you can use to upload and download files with, browse content on a web server, search for files on the Internet or download torrents. The program also monitors your web browser file downloads.

The 'Site Manager' allows you to administer and quickly connect to your favorite remote locations. Every time you perform a search query, the results will be displayed within the 'Find result' tab section, while the Navigator area provides access to your files and folders. You can view the on-going and completed downloads and uploads alongside statistics like size or source within the Transfers zone.

Global Downloader features a great set of mechanisms to aid you with your daily Internet transfers, no matter their nature. With this application, your FTP uploads, P2P file transfers or the usual downloads turn into things you can do with one and not several programs. Its abilities come in very handy for users that spend a precious amount of time carrying out any of the above-mentioned operations.

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