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Handwizard Is Your Hand Wizard Mode. Handwizard provides automated cursor moving and command entry by mouse steps. Handwizard is based on such inventions as "Cursor displacement control method" and "Data input method", which define its purpose and functionality. Handwizard gives the user: time and health savings due to work with the mouse, and new level of freedom in artistic self-expression.

Handwizard 3.0 enables semiautomatic and automatic cursor moving for interactive construction of cursor moving paths in graphic editors. Semiautomatic and automatic movement of the cursor is carried out on a polyline to the Cursor aim controlled by movements of the mouse. It opens new opportunities of drawing smooth lines by free movement of a hand.

Handwizard 3.0 also enables a special kind of mouse movement called "Mouse steps" for a quick text input by the mouse and execution of a new kind of commands called "Extra commands".

When the text input by the mouse is carried out, only mouse moving is necessary for keystroke emulation. It allows achieve high speed of the text input.

Extra commands allow in pair of small mouse moving: move the cursor on the certain points of the screen, automatically generate a click by the left mouse button for influence user interface elements, easy change of cursor moving mode with fast on exact and back, not distracting on the keyboard to carry out keyboard macros, pressing of function keys and standard keystrokes.

Handwizard 3.0 functionality is realized in such of procedures as: Cursor moving procedure providing semiautomatic and automatic cursor moving, Extra command procedure providing execution of mouse Extra Commands, and Text input procedure.

Handwizard 3.0 user interface includes: Handwizard icon in the System Tray, Main menu, Handwizard Settings dialog, Context menu of the Cursor moving procedure, Extra Command menu, Cursor moving imaging.

Handwizard 3.0 screenshot

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OS Support: Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Win Vista

License: Shareware

Last Update: 20 Dec 2008

Downloads: 4,124

Virus reports:

Publisher: Microxe

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