Images to Video 3.0

Authors Description

Images to Video is very sofisticated application,
which enable you to convert jpg images to video. Supported video
formats: AVI (MPEG4), WMV, FLV (Flash), MOV (QuickTime).
application can be called from command line. Also you can run it as
scheduled task. Example: ImagesToVideo.exe c:webcam c:video.avi.


 - Support for h.264 (Mpeg4), Flash video (flv), Windows media video (WMV), Quicktime movie (mov), VP8 (WebM).
 - Hardware/software scale
 - Hardware accelerated filters like crop and VideoRotate.
 - Advanced filtering technologies (using regular expressions)
 - Can be executed from command line as a scheduled task

This application can be executed from command line. Also you can run it as scheduled task.

Command Line Options:

1. You can specify your own separa config.xml file
--config "Full path to your config.xml"

2. Background process will process images silently at the background
   This option is often used on the servers.

Config options

Source directory and destination file (in configuration.xml) can contain
special tag which is replaced by formatted datetime string. See example bellow.


  • Images to Video 3.0
  • Images to Video 3.0

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