Kashmir Web Editor 1.2.2

Authors Description

Kashmir has the following features:
- syntax highlighting for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP
- php functions and global variables proposals
- shows functions arguments
- highlight matching bracket
- full php function description- just write function name, select it and press F1
- page templates
- insertable php and html code fragments
- color pipette- select color from any opened window or wallpaper
- table code generator
- ciphering/ deciphering using ROT-13 and ROT-47
- convert between UTF-8, UTF-16, Windows CP 1250 and ISO 8859-2
- CRLF, CR and LF support
- compress code
- reformat PHP code
- replace polish and german characters with their latin equivalents
- insert HTML entities
- multiword find and replace tool
- little RAM and processor usage
- doesn't create files outside it's directory and doesn't modify the Registry

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