Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection 1.3.3

Authors Description

Are you tired of boring screensavers that plague the monitors all over the world?
Oh, these kitties are so cute.
Wow, these are pretty flowers indeed!
Joking, of course.

If you ask me, the world is ready to delete all these plain one-dimensional screensavers that my grandmother loves so much.
Time for something humorous, smart and revolutionary new. Something that will surprise your friends from the very time they eyes accidentally glance over to where the computer is.

Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection is set of spooky screensavers for the dark humor lovers. 3D skulls, bones and Jack O'Lantern are served to you just in time for Halloween. Each screensaver comes with cool sound effects and cool 3D graphics.

Importantly, there are two different versions for each screensaver - Open GL and Direct3D. So if you are ready for a fashion-smart skeleton with sunglasses, graveyard walks, and spooky stereo soundtrack, you are ready to download free trial version now.

These screensavers have been tested extensively on housewives, schoolteachers, and self-righteous individuals to always product the same result shock, anger and outrage. The only category of creatures that seemed to enjoy the screensavers were strange geeky-looking hairy animals with eye-glasses known as system administrators.

If you want to know which category you fall in, download Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection and observe for your own reaction.

  • Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection 1.3.3
  • Keep Out 3D Screen Savers Collection 1.3.3

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