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hayekl##2.2##1361719035##A program to lock selected keyboard and mouse buttons and functions##Kid-Key-Lock is a small Windows application designed to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions with just a few configuration options.

Once you install the application you are prompted to choose the restrictions you wish to apply, which can be easily configured through a very intuitive window.

The setup menu is actually a clean window that lets you select the mouse locks by enabling some of the available options, which include lock left mouse button, right or middle buttons, double click, mouse wheel or the mouse pointer.

If you wish to enable a series of restrictions over the keyboard, this time you need to drag a slider to lock system key combinations, lock all keys except character keys, space, enter and arrows or lock all keys.

Another feature is the password that can be typed anywhere on the screen to show the setup or simply to quit the application, with separate options to enable a balloon notification with password reminder.

Kid-Key-Lock could prove quite useful not only to parents who wish to restrict children access to the computer, but also in case you want to prevent accidental presses of certain buttons.

The program works flawlessly on all Windows versions and doesn't hamper system performance at all, without requiring administrator privileges on Windows 7.

In the end, Kid-Key-Lock seems to be a useful software solution, but more features and configuration options are still needed to attract more users. Plus, it also places an icon in System Tray to easily control some of the locks, which can only be good news for those who don't want to waste too much time setting up the program.

Version reviewed 7.0 on: 23 Feb 2013 by hayekl

Authors Description

Here are some key features of "Kid-Key-Lock":

  -  Very simple to setup and run
  -  Seats on tray for easy access
Mouse Lock options:
  -  Left mouse button
  -  Middle mouse button
  -  Right mouse button
  -  Double click
  -  Mouse wheel
Keyboard lock options:
  -  Standard character keys (letters, numbers, signs, etc)
  -  Additional keys (Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end, etc)
  -  Windows system shortcuts(e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc)

  • Kid-Key-Lock 2.2
  • Kid-Key-Lock 2.2

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