LE Security Manager 3.0

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Lockend was developed with an epochal idea focused on user expediency and best functionality. Lockend has become the ultimate protection management software through continuous modifications and corrections focused on discrimination and perfection of document or information protection.
Lockend is easy to use in dealing with complicate and difficult issues related to data security by offering functions to protect all types of document or privacy information.
Lockend will solve security issues fast

To use securely stored documents including Security Information, Company personnel records, Customer data base information, Research data, Technical data, Proposal data, and Sales Information.
To tightly supervise and control Test questions, Grades, Student data base information, and Research data in educational institutions.
To conceal contents of private diaries or love letter.
To completely block information from the Internet or downloading to floppy disk or USB storage.
To completely and cleanly delete uncomfortable information or data
To immediately send urgent important material to a customer company or military organization
To prevent possible pilfering of my company computer by coworkers
To check inappropriate mail or obscene messaging
To prevent access of game or adult web sites by children
To track website access by children

  • LE Security Manager 3.0
  • LE Security Manager 3.0

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