LeaderTask Company Management 7.6.5

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It is possible to organize tasks in the form of tree-like structures. It is much more convenient to keep tasks in the form of a tree. It is possible to build a hierarchy of tasks with any embedment level. 

Task assignment
Every task can be assigned to your employee (colleague). In this case the employee will see your assignment in his organizer. You'll be able to discuss the task together. The executor will be able to set the status 'Ready for Approval' after completion of the task, and the orderer - to set the status 'Completed' after checking of work. 

LeaderTask allows you to plan your appointments, meetings, briefings conveniently, placing them on the calendar grid. You can create your own time-table for a day/week/month...

Projects in LeaderTask Organizer will help you to organize efficient joint work with your colleagues! Add the participants in your projects and work together! 

The systems of reminders will not let you forget about upcoming important events: birthdays, appointments, important issues. LeaderTask will automatically keep reminding you about upcoming events and you will also be able to set a reminder for the necessary time manually. 

LeaderTask allows you to customize your set of markers and their visualization. For example 'Important' tasks will be colored red and written in upper case, tasks with the 'Urgent!' marker will be colored yellow and so on. The employees, you assign the task won't see its colour. Every employee can make his own set of markers. 

In LeaderTask Organizer the user can mark tasks with the help of the tags. Mark out tasks according to a certain criterion: 'Important', 'Urgent', 'Waiting for contractor', 'Bill to pay' and so on. 

Business Planning Software LeaderTask can store contacts and any information related to them: grouping, storing any data, quickly opening a contact (e-mail, ICQ, www, phone...). 

Version for Android, iPhone, iPad
LeaderTask allows you to synchronize the tasks with your mobile devices based on Android, iPhone, iPad. Thanks to this function you will not need paper lists no more: 'What to buy in the store', or 'What to do in the bank/IRS/in office/on the way home'. Because LeaderTask will always be with you on your mobile device! 

Data protection and encryption
LeaderTask securely protects data with the help of data encryption and by limiting access to the program with a password. It is also possible to back up your data.  

LeaderTask has a powerful system tasks filtering. You can use filters by eight parameters in order to select the tasks you need: date, category, contact, marker, executor, manager, project, status. You will be able to quickly get predefined sets of tasks, for example: 'My today tasks', 'IMPORTANT', 'URGENT', 'Monthly sales', 'Works on project XYZ in September', 'Delegated tasks monitoring'... 

With the help of the search feature, you will always find the necessary task, note or contact. Moreover, you do not have to remember the whole name in order to find the information you need. It is enough to remember any information about the task you are looking for and LeaderTask will find it.

It is possible to use third-party plug-ins in LeaderTask. Due to this feature, every user can use extended features the basic version of the program may lack. 

Printing tasks, notes, contacts, mails:
LeaderTask allows you to print any information: task lists, notes, calendars, mails, contact lists, contact cards...

Time management technique support
LeaderTask supports all basic time management techniques: David Allen's Getting Things Done, Do It Tomorrow, Autofocus, Brian Tracy's System, John Van Eiken and so on... 

Mobility. Portability.
LeaderTask is tied neither to the Windows registry nor to the computer. So you can use the program from any removable media: a flash drive, a USB drive, etc. You can easily move LeaderTask from your office computer to your home desktop or laptop, all the information necessary for the program to run is stored in the program folder. Just copy it to a flash drive and work wherever you feel comfortable!

Automatic data backup
LeaderTask automatically creates backup copies of your data in the location you specify. Thus, you will always be able to recover your data from the backup copy in case you lose it! 

File container
LeaderTask serves as a personal information manager, i.e. it can store any files in its database: Excel reports, Word documents, images….  Moreover, it can store both files inside LeaderTask and links to external files.

  • LeaderTask Company Management 7.6.5
  • LeaderTask Company Management 7.6.5

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