Legal Suite-Case Management Software 2012

Authors Description

The Legal Suite is a powerful program that allows you to manage the information about legal cases with full range of features.

The application provides case management, billing, date tracking, and calendaring from a single repository. Maintain case details and motions in a single location. Identify noteworthy items for quick retrieval or search by events and individuals to view perspectives and relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Track Vital Information - When the number of Cases increases, chances are you don't know the cases status completely. The Legal Suite will help you to: Maintain and print case facts, objects, dates, questions, people, property, letters and comments.

Here are some key features of "Legal Suite":

 - Track issues related to a Case/Client
 - Track facts about a Case/Client
 - Track questions
 - Track evidence surrounding a Case/Client
 - Track witnesses for a Case/Client
 - Track property related to a Case/Client
 - Maintain notes about a Case/Client
 - Track important events/dates for a Case/Client
 - Maintain a billing statement for each Case/Client
 - Time/Cost Billing
 - Store images and photos for Cases/Clients
 - Create custom letters for Cases/Clients
 - Calendaring/Docketing
 - Searches litigation support
 - Client/Server database available
 - Conflict of interest search
 - Management reports
 - Security system by Case/Client
 - Specialized searches
 - Statistical reports
 - Statute of limitations report
 - Track Attorneys and Staff
 - Accounts receivable
 - Bank reconciliation

  • Legal Suite-Case Management Software 2012
  • Legal Suite-Case Management Software 2012

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