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Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator 3.3

Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator description

Little Sailor is a sailing, surfing and motorboat simulator for mobile devices. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing anywhere! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy. Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practise sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gybing.

* six AI opponents, from newbies to experienced sailors

* adjustable weather conditions (wind strength, direction and variation)

* shoals and dangerous areas

* textual and graphical race summary

* comparative sailing skill estimate

* control by keys or touch

* miscellaneous speed units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph) and distance units (meters, feet, yards)

* target hint to help beginners

* real wind and telltale indicators

* full-screen animated apparent wind display

* speedometer, thrust and velocity vector display

Little Sailor sail & motorboat simulator 3.3 screenshot

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OS Support: Pocket PC, WinMobile,

License: Shareware

Last Update: 16 Dec 2009

Virus reports:

Publisher: Mooncoder

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