Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express 7.8.3

Authors Description

Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express is a reliable utility designed to help you create and manage multiple formulations.

Specify ingredients, processes, costs, safety information, and tests. Supports the development and maintenance of batching recipes, and automatically generates batch sheets.

Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express was designed to support the product development cycle, and to streamline the introduction of new products to manufacturing. The application can generate batch documents to be manually filled in during batch execution, and when integrated with a manufacturing execution system enables electronic batch recording.

Key features of Mar-Kov Recipe Manager Express:

  - Secure audit trail of all recipe development.
  - Integrates with CTFA database for more accurate product definitions.
  - Ingredients, specifications and recipes may be shared amongst all users or specific groups.
  - Eliminates errors commonly found in manually generated recipes.
  - Automatically generates Process Specifications and Batch Records.

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