Modern PDF Maker 1.02

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Modern PDF Maker is a software solution that can convert all your files into PDFs via a virtual printer.

The user interface is intuitive and it doesn't require a lot of time to get used to working with this program. It has a clean layout and offers easy access to the main options, so it appeals to novices and experts alike.

The app was especially designed with a single goal in mind: to convert files into PDFs, so it doesn't come packed with other features such as: text and image watermark, encryption, permission control and font styles.

Basically, it's so easy to work with this program that all you have to do is to send the file to the Modern PDF Maker printer, select an output location where your new files should be stored and the conversion process completes in no time.

Since it's only able to create PDFs from printable files, you could use Modern PDF Maker with any third-party text editor thanks to its built-in virtual PDF print driver. Hence, you can use the app with WordPad, Paint, Office or any other app.

However, if it doesn't come in handy to open the documents and select the virtual printer, you can add the files directly into the main window thanks to the "drag and drop" feature.

Compared to other programs, Modern PDF Maker is pretty easy to use, since it doesn't offer many configuration settings to tinker with.

Overall, Modern PDF Maker is a reliable app that can convert all your files into PDFs quickly and effortlessly. It's also freeware and light on your system resources.

  • Modern PDF Maker 1.02
  • Modern PDF Maker 1.02

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