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My ICE Plan Home Inventory is an application which helps users to create an interesting inventory of their home.

Although advance features such as cataloging multiple properties, archiving, treeview & importing are not available in the Lite version, you still can easily create a home inventory just as in the full version.

Also create a "what to do in case of emergency" plan for your family and pets if a disaster should strike. Print everything in the system pressing one button! My ICE Plan does not use the Windows registry to operate. Just copy the software to any removable media or computer and use it immediately. The idea is to use this software "in case of an emergency " anywhere & anytime without the hassle of re-installing it on another computer. Upgrade to the full version anytime without losing your data!

Here are some key features of "My ICE Plan Home Inventory":

 - Maintain an item inventory for multiple locations (properties) , with unlimited unique rooms and unlimited movies per location.
 - Standard Version allows 3 properties - suitable for most home owners.
 - Professional Version allows 10 properties - good for home owners and owners of rental properties.
 - Enterprise Version - unlimited properties - best for property management firms
 - All versions are exactly the same - the only difference is the number of properties (locations) allowed.
 - All versions have Family and Pet Emergency Family Planning with unlimited images and movies.
 - Emergency wallet cards (contains medical and meeting places).
 - Unlimited: Images (photos) per item plus one movie per item.
 - Unlimited: movies per location - attach room name to movies and notes.
 - Your orginal photos & movies are never touched - they are copied & automatically renamed with the item name. Makes editing & viewing images outside of My ICE Plan safe & allows browsing your inventoried photos & movies also avaliable from Windows Explorer or other programs!
 - Unlimited: Rooms per location (you create them and or pick them from our generic list of room names).
 - Unlimited: Insurance companies and policies.
 - Unlimited: Personal Contacts with image per contact.
 - Unlimited: Pets with Emergency Planning. Keep an image and movie on each pet.
 - Unlimited: Items for your inventory.
 - Constant view of total number of items and the total cost.
 - Hit one button to get a total break down cost per location .
 - Many other reports to choose from.
 - Item Loss List - in the event of a disaster quickly mark multiple items as a loss with remarks.
 - Create reports for insurance purposes.
 - Many types of pre-made reports you can create for insurance purposes.
 - Export to Microsoft Excel if desired to give to your insurance company.
 - Archive old items you no longer own for historical purposes with just a few clicks!
 - Example - you lost many items due to a fire and has been replaced by the insurance. Instead of deleting those items archive those records with all of the data & photos for historical purposes. View from within My ICE Plan
 - Move multiple items from one location, insurance company, or category to another using the "Re-Assign" feature.
 - Example: You are moving alot of items from your garage to the attic or to an rented outside storage unit. Simply mark, click a few buttons and all items are moved to its new location.
 - Notes & Tasks within each item record in your inventory and each photo.
 - Sperate Notepad and task section. Keep general notes and turn them into tasks!
 - Powerful search engine: Search using either a simple text only search or use advance searching using Boolean queries.
 - Relational database - Data from each list is related to an item once it is entered. Thus you can not delete a category or retailer or location, etc without deleting all item records that used that category, or other data from the Pick List. Thus it eliminates the possibility of deleting for example the "master bedroom" but still showing items in that room. It also means that correcting spelling errors in names is easier. You correct the name in the Pick List and every record in the Item Inventory will be corrected.
 - Amount of records are only limited to the disk space you have available.
 - Multi-user (network aware) - Install on one computer and share the folder. This will allow more than one user to add (or maintain) the inventory. Even at the same time. Example: If you have 10 computers then you can have 10 users connecting to the database.
 - Import Outlook Contacts
 - Import and Export Inventory and contacts to csv files or Excel formats.
 - Family and Pet Emergency Family Planning with unlimited images and movies.
 - Emergency wallet cards (contains medical and meeting places),
 - Create and maintain multiple emergency kits
 - Quickly add items using the pre-populated lists.
 - Quick keys for adding and deleting records.
List, sort or view your home inventory with a "list view" using " tabs " by:
 - Item Name - Category - Location - Retailer - Manufacturer - Item ID - More
 - View your home inventory with a " tree view " broken down by
 - Item Name - Category - Location - Retailer - Manufacturer
 - Keep track of where you purchased your items and the cost of each
 - Quickly find Model and Serial numbers of each item.
 - Print using "One Click" reports with or without photo images.
 - Preview reports with an advanced preview screen that allows you to mark pages to print.
 - Printed reports contain total dollar amounts of your inventory.
 - Quick links to Retailers web sites and email addresses.
 - A Emergency list of Federal, State or private agencies that can help in time of disaster with links to web sites and email address.
 - Quickly retrieve your insurance policy number and your agent's contact data.
 - Easy to view screens
 - Apply one of several built in styles (themes) to the software.
 - My ICE Plan also distributes a free media player (Media Player Classic) that does not need windows media player nor needs to write to the registry to use it. This means you can view your inventory movies anywhere and on any computer. Still Images can be viewed within the software anytime.

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