NoteFrog 2.2.2

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NoteFrog is a useful application designed to let you find any scrap of information on any free-form note you have ever saved, and find it in an instant.

NoteFrog was born and nurtured to fill a void in the current information management offerings by providing an alternative to the rigid structure and unnatural interface other systems require.

NoteFrog will store, manage, and instantly retrieve every bit of random, free-form information you throw at it, and do it in a manner and at a speed you never dreamed possible.

If you want an information manager that will help you and not stifle you in a fight to the death with rows and columns, then NoteFrog is for you. Once you familiarize yourself with NoteFrog, we feel sure you'll agree that it surpasses by a wide margin every other offering available today.

Key features of NoteFrog:

  - Zero learning curve. If you can type you can use NoteFrog.
  - Instant "on the fly" search shows all matching notes displayed as you type.
  - Notes are completely free-format.
  - Notes may be grouped, maintained and moved about in independent stacks.
  - Notes may include embedded images.
  - User-friendly interface designed for ease of use.
  - Straight-forward compound searching.
  - Case sensitive or insensitive searches.
  - Support for 'rich text' formatting of notes -- font/colors/bold, etc.
  - Browser integration. All web addresses appearing in notes are clickable and open in browser.
  - Import/Export data into standard Windows files. Provides easy backup and restore.
  - Optional Stack password protection.
  - Capture items directly from the Windows clipboard.
  - Can be used as a clipboard manager.
  - Stores text notes and images.
  - Define templates for easily creating items in standard formats.
  - Builtin comprehensive help system.
  - Automatic notice of program updates.

  • NoteFrog 2.2.2
  • NoteFrog 2.2.2

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