Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software 5.6

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Omnistar Affiliate software provides you with all the tools that you need to earn more sales by setting up and managing your own affiliate programs. Our software includes many user friendly tools that will allow you to manage affiliates, track commissions and provide your affiliates with many ways in which they can market your products or services:

  -   Enable Multiple Streams of Income
Omnisar Affiliate will allow you to setup a multi-tier affiliate program that supports up to 10 tiers. This will enable you to have multiple streams of income coming in from multiple levels.

  -   Affiliates can Earn Recurring Commissions
If you offer a product or services and charge a recurring fee for it, Omnistar Affiliate will allow you to setup an affiliate program that will calculate commissions on a recurring basis.

  -   Provide The Latest Advertising Creatives
The Omnistar Affiliate software will allow you to provide affiliates with the latest advertising creatives such as page peel ads, light box ads, site replication and more.

  -   Send Affiliates Automated Newsletters
Through the email autoresponder features of Omnistar Affiliate, you will be able to send your affiliates informational email newsletters on a consistent basis. Sending the newsletters will allow you to easily stay in touch with your affiliates.

  -   Affiliates Can Promote Without Having Site
Omnistar Affiliate give you the ability to have a site replicated and provided to each one of your affiliates. This capability will allow you to even recruit affiliates that don't have their own web sites.

  • Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software 5.6
  • Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software 5.6

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