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OpcDbGateway represents a software product that can be categorized as a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The basic feature is the data acquisition from external devices (sensors, actuator, programmable machines...), data processing, data storage in process databases and files, delivery of processed data to other applications.

The system by its structure, based on parallel event data processing, periodical or single-shot launching of external programs and scripts at specified time, allows the user to build simple or complex applications for data mining and processing, generating printed reports, alarms, logging, control and monitoring of processes in a user-friendly and easy way.

Here are some key features of "OpcDbGateway":

Monitoring, management, control, processing data archives:
  -  Processing and alarm management
  -  Generating reports
  -  Starting external programs
  -  Data provider between more OPC servers
  -  Interface between external OPC servers and a database system
  -  Executing of SQL commands for data manipulation in process databases
  -  Multiple database connections to process databases at the same time
  -  Sending of status information about monitored processes via e-mail
  -  Configuration can be loaded or saved for later use
  -  Using standard OPC and ODBC interfaces, but concept is open for latest technologies as XML, Web Services, OPC UA
  -  The data from OPC sources can be archivated into various databases
  -  Reports can be generated in several formats including XML, TXT, CSV, HTML
  -  Server can communicate with multiple OPC servers at the same time. It can read from one server and write to another. It's easy to create a bridge between two or more OPC servers.
  -  Provides a set of functions for statistic calculation and data extrapolation
  -  Can start executable programs and scripts
  -  Can execute SQL statement
  -  Has implemented alarm system

  • OpcDbGateway
  • OpcDbGateway

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