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Orbz is a refreshingly fun action/arcade game like no other. The object of the game is to shoot your orb at star-shaped targets located throughout 14 colorful worlds in a race to score the most points. You will score higher and faster as you explore each new world and learn how to best plan out each shot. Real-world physics affect your shots, accelerators and teleporters allow you to travel great distances, and magnets can attract or repel your orb. The environment affects your orb in other ways too, as shooting out of water slows you down, hitting sand will stop your orb quickly, and skipping across ice causes your orb to slide further than in grass. Eight zany power-ups, like the "Money Shot" and "Curse of the Goober", are also available to either give you a scoring advantage or to slow down your opponents. In Solo Mode, the player completes a series of progressively difficult challenges that focus on scoring the most points in a variety of scenarios. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are awarded for scoring performance and high scores for each challenge are tracked worldwide against all other Orbz players. For every 5 gold medals you earn, you will also unlock a fancy new orb to use in Solo or Online mode. Solo Mode also contains a tutorial that will teach you basic controls and scoring strategies. The Online Mode allows Orbz players to compete against each other over the internet or local area network. Up to 10 players, including computer opponents called Botz, can join a game lobby where the matches are created by selecting the course to play, number of rounds in the match, and a per-round time limit. A worldwide ranking system is also available for those who wish to compete for the ultimate title of Orbz Champion. Simple to learn, but difficult to master, Orbz will give you and your family hours and hours of exciting, nonviolent fun!

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OS Support: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003,

License: Shareware

Last Update: 23 Apr 2003

Downloads: 4,125

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: 21-6 Productions, Inc.

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