PDF FLY 8.0.5

Authors Description

PDF FLY is an essential tool for writers and engineers who regularly need to convert PDF, PostScript or EPS files into other industry-standard formats as part of their workflow. PDF FLY generates high-quality vector and image formats for publishing to print or to the Web. Target formats include:

- SVG for XML and the Web
- WMF for MS Office reuse
- EMF for Windows printing
- CGM for tech pubs and engineering
- MIF for FrameMaker
- EPS and PostScript for print publishing
- HPGL for CAD plotting and viewing
- TIFF for imaging, archiving, faxing, print
- GIF, PNG and JPEG for the Web or office
- BMP for Microsoft Windows systems
- ASCII .txt for indexing and processing

Since 1995, PDF FLY has been helping professionals preserve and use their visual information - graphics, reports, forms, charts and more. PDF FLY convert these PDF, PostScript and EPS files into other formats while ensuring an accurate visual reproduction. For customers large and small around the world and across industries, PDF FLY saves time and quality while enabling new workflows.

PDF FLY converts specified files or entire directories, It can also be used with a watch folder. It's easy and fast. Try it today free for 30-days!

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