Pluck 1.0

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Scans multiple files looking for a REGEX pattern, and
summarised what it finds as a CSV file.

java -jar C:commindprodpluckpluck.jar ".[a-z]+." E: emp emp.csv E:somedir

adjusting as necessary to account for where the jar file is.
The first parameter is the regex pattern. See regex in the java glossary
for how to compose them.

The next parameter is where the output in to go. use the
word console to have the output appear on the console.

Then put a list of files and directories on command line you
want to scan where -s means recursively include all
subdirectories for everything to the right of -s.

It will look only for *.html, *.htm, *.xml, *.txt
extensions. You can't change that via the command line,
though you could modify the program.

The command line does not currently support wildcards, e.g.
ap*.txt or ff?.html. You need to specify the full names of
files or directories, or . to mean all the files in the
current directory.

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  • Pluck 1.0

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