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PowerTools Lite is a powerful application which comes packed with tools for optimizing the Windows Registry, in order to improve its performance. It is primarily oriented toward advanced users.

The interface of the program is professional and intuitive. The key features of PowerTools Lite let you clean the Windows Registry, immunize the computer and create registry backups.

The Registry Cleaner can be done in normal or reference mode; the first option looks into the key areas of the registry which are prone to errors, while the latter one is more thorough but takes a longer time to finish.

As an alternative, you can trigger a custom scan - file reference, add/remove software list, file extension, font entry, menu order, obsolete software, help file entry, MRU/history, ActiveX and COM areas, just to name a few.

As an extra safety measure, the Registry Cleaner ignores the information related to the anti-virus and anti-malware, firewall, server and backup software, by default. On top of that, you can perform a search to make PowerTools Lite list only errors which match the given keywords, create an exclusion list, as well as configure engine settings and set the results grouping order (e.g. by error type or severity).

The immunization feature of PowerTools Lite is able to block specific websites from accessing the computer, while the backup option can be activated for Internet Explorer favorites, the Windows start menu and Add/Remove software list, all current items in your desktop, and others. Several customization options are available for the interface when it comes to the font, installation, backups (policy, descriptions, removal), network features and Windows integration.

PowerTools Lite may take a while to load the environment while using a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory. No error dialogs have been displayed throughout our testing and PowerTools Lite did not hang or pop up error dialogs. This is the compact version of the tool, as more features are available in the ultimate version, called jv16 PowerTools.

  • PowerTools Lite 2013
  • PowerTools Lite 2013

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