Process Heap Viewer 3.5

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Process Heap Viewer is the FREE tool to quickly enumerate process heaps on Windows. It uses much better technique than slower Windows heap API functions which makes it faster and efficient. You can enumerate the heaps from normal Windows processes as well as system services. Its very useful tool for anyone involved in analyzing process heaps. Vulnerability researchers can use it as a side tool for discovering heap related vulnerabilities.
Process Heap Viewer is fully portable tool which also comes with Installer for local Installation & Un-installation of the software. It also presents the enhanced user interface with cool look & feel.

It works on most of the Windows platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system, Windows 7.

Here's the quick usage instructions

* Launch ProcHeapViewer by clicking on the binary file. It automatically loads all running processes including services.
* Select any process from the list. Then all the heap nodes for that process will be displayed.
* Now you can click on any of the heap nodes to display all the heap blocks within it.
* Next click on one of the heap block to view its content. You can store this data by clicking on the 'save' button. To get back to the main screen, simply click on 'close' button.
* You can use 'Find' button to search for strings within the selected heap block. Select the 'Unicode' check box for searching Unicode strings.

  • Process Heap Viewer 3.5
  • Process Heap Viewer 3.5

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