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Recipe Manager Pro 2010 7.6.0

Recipe Manager Pro 2010 description

Recipe Manager is a tool for creating, maintaining, and costing formulations. Specify ingredients, processes, and costs. Record actual consumption and production for each order, and track ingredient lot numbers. You can also generate batch slip/batch cards to facilitate the manufacturing process.

Mar-Kov Recipe Manager interfaces to QuickBooks - you can import items to facilitate recipe formulation. You can also export inventory transactions that result from the completion of your batches, allowing QuickBooks to maintain more accurate inventory.

Recipe Manager Pro 2010's key features include:

* Develop recipes/formulations

* Enter complete process specifications for your recipes, so that they are more than a simple bill of materials

* Print a Batch Sheet based on a combination of recipe and order information

* Track the execution of your batches, including lots consumed and actual ingredient quantities

* Speed the process of product development by visually construction recipes, complete with process instructions and testing specifications

* Speed and enhance the consistency of recipe creation by creating a library of process definitions

* Specify your recipe in either weight mode or percent mode

* Import/Update Items from QuickBooks

* Export completed orders to QuickBooks. This results in accurate inventory changes as a result of your manufacturing process

* Cost out your finished products based on ingredient definitions

* Compute finished product componenets based on ingredient components

* Verify your recipes for consistency and completeness, and eliminate errors commonly found in manually generated recipes

* Create manufacturing orders

* Scale your orders up or down as required (printed batch slips reflect this)

* Multi-user capable: many users/computers can share a common database

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OS Support: Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinXP, Win Vista

License: Shareware

Last Update: 07 Jan 2010

Downloads: 4,126

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Mar-Kov Computer Systems Inc.

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