Recovery Toolbox for Word 2.0.5

Authors Description

Recovery Toolbox for Word is a very easy to use Windows application designed to recover data from corrupted documents.

Similar programs have been around for a while, but Recovery Toolbox for Word tries to make a name for itself by offering users an incredibly user friendly approach, with just a few options at your disposal.

Designed to take care of the whole job automatically, Recovery Toolbox for Word only asks the user to input the path to the damaged file, with the recovered data presented in a separate screen.

One of the good things is that the separate screen we are talking about gives users the power to copy the text and paste it into another document but, what's more, there are some other dedicated tools to help you in this regard.

For instance, you can export the recovered content to MS Word or, at least, to save it as plain text on the local disks.

Recovery Toolbox for Word doesn't work only with Microsoft Word documents, so the list of supported formats includes DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX and RTF extensions.

Plus, it can recover data from any type of media, so in case the damaged file is placed on a CD, a DVD or a removable drive, there's no need to copy it on the hard-disk, Recovery Toolbox for Word can process it wherever it's located.

Overall, Recovery Toolbox for Word is a handy piece of software that could help a handful of users struggling to handle damaged documents. It works fast and doesn't hamper system performance at all.

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