RoboTask 5.4

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RoboTask can easily automate any series of tasks on your computer system, whether you are a novice or advanced user. You don't even have to know how to program-use RoboTask to build your own automated solutions quickly and easily. Yet RoboTask is powerful.

RoboTask will help users avoid losing important information when they will create a backup task for placing files on a remote server. The software can manage and trigger a wide variety of repetitive tasks to save your valuable time. With RoboTask, you don't need complicated batch files or scripts.

Here are some key features of "RoboTask":

 - Runs applications and open documents.
 - Manages automatic backups.
 - Alerts you of any changes in your folders.
 - Shuts down Windows and powers off your computer triggered by any event you choose.
 - Processes files and folders (copies, moves, renames, deletes).
 - Works with FTP and Web servers (downloads, uploads, etc).
 - Sends letters and files by e-mail.
 - Starts and stops Windows NT services.
 - Sends network messages as WinPopups.
 - Acts as an alarm clock.

  • RoboTask 5.4
  • RoboTask 5.4

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