SalesMate + 1.0

Authors Description

SalesMate + is a general-purpose inexpensive software package for managing the day today activities of any shops. This software is ideal for those shops where the buying and selling of items is happening. This package is so user friendly that the user needs little or no training to use it. A basic understanding of Windows is all that is required.

Main Features:

� Very simple and easy to use

� Options for adding customers

� Provisions for conducting sales as well as services

� Provision for setting category wise selling price.

� Various types of reports and customized bills.

� Information about re-orders

� Automatic Database backup .

� Customer photographs, Stock item images

� Different levels of Security i.e. provision for employers to see and update the data.

� Product customization and option for connecting any type point of sale hardware using COM
plug-in technology.

  • SalesMate + 1.0
  • SalesMate + 1.0

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