Screen OCR 11.2

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Screen OCR is an application that expands the powers of your PC's built-in copy command.

Screen OCR can copy text from many locations that are inaccessible to the Windows Clipboard, including dialogboxes and protected Web pages. All settings are available via the system-tray icon, which lets you select a color for highlighted text and choose how you want the text-selection tool to behave.

For example, you can make it act just like the function built into Windows, or you can have it copy items in a rectangular box. Additionally, Screen OCR can copy graphics or certain areas of your screen and display statistics, such as word count and font style once you've highlighted text. Screen OCR recognizes any text visible in any place of the screen.

All you have to do is to choose the proper selection mode, select the data, and copy it to the Clipboard. People who work with data that cannot be saved or printed will like the program.

Screen OCR saves everything you can see on the screen and does it with astonishing accuracy, whether it's an image, scanned text, PDF or HTML. Web designers, analysts, or interpreters also can use it. You can use Screen OCR in any way you are most comfortable with.
It can be window selection, scrolling capture, simple cursor capture, or rectangular selection. It recognizes Internet Explorer windows, PDFs, pictures--anything you can read with your eyes. Screen OCR saves everything that you can see on the screen - and does it with astonishing accuracy.

Whether it will be image, scanned text, PDF or HTML - Screen OCR will recognize the letters and saves it. It can be used by web-designers, analysts or interpreters also.

Here are some key features of "Screen OCR":

 - Recognizes text in any type of document (HTML, Word, Notepad, PDF, BMP or JPG image) or in any part of the screen and saves it to clipboard
 - Grabs texts that cannot be saved or printed
 - Recognizes texts in any language that cannot be saved or printed
 - Works with all American and European character sets, including the Central-European and Cyrillic
 - Captures "hidden" text ignoring blocking scripts on Internet pages
 - Reads selected text in documents, emails or Internet pages
 - Properly works with character sizes 6 to 72 point
 - Selects the text with rectangular selection tool, window selection, scrolling window selection or graphic selection
 - Fully integrates with word processing tools

  • Screen OCR 11.2
  • Screen OCR 11.2

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