SensiGuard Folder and USB Vault 3.2

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STAY IN CONTROL with SensiGuard, the no-hassle solution to protecting your most valuable records, documents, photos and personal information. With the surefire encryption provided by SensiGuard, you can rest assured that your boss-bashing personal emails, college party photos, and most private files and folders remain under lock and key. That means you can do what you want on your computer, without worrying about who will find out what you’re up to. SensiGuard encrypts your sensitive data on any PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Simply download and install the program and you’re ready to lock folders, hide or delete files with a single click of your mouse. It really is that easy! The peace of mind that comes from knowing your privacy is protected shouldn’t be hard. Keep your sensitive information safe with SensiGuard today.

  • SensiGuard Folder and USB Vault 3.2
  • SensiGuard Folder and USB Vault 3.2

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