ServeTrue Reverse IQProxy 7.4.0R

Authors Description

ServeTrue IQ Proxy is a robust and secure reverse proxy server solution. A securing and accelerating reverse proxy with a good price-to-performance ratio, IQProxy offers fast RAM/DISK cache, URL rewrite, GZip compression and SSL offloading as well as load-balancing with smart failover and sticky sessions.

ServeTrue IQ Proxy features a state-of-the-art multiple-connections/thread asynchronous architecture, providing the fittest architectural design for Windows by utilizing multiple CPUs/CPU-cores and avoiding the so-called "thread hell". This unique design enables the application to support more than 10k connections at the same time!

ServeTrue IQ Proxy is a robust and secure web content/reverse proxy server software for Windows. Fastream IQ Proxy Server can stand between the firewall and web servers and secure/accelerate your web site. It can also act as a forward proxy for sharing and filtering LAN web connection with caching.

Here are some key features of "ServeTrue Reverse IQProxy":

  -  Never let web server issues get your site down URL Rules with regex and URL translator DDoS / SYN / DNS / IP / Country-Continent firewalls SSL offloading with SNI (Server Name Indication) support for multiple SSL certificates on a single port
  -  Complete content proxy solution for web to share Internet connection among your PCs, featuring filtering with respect to domain, location and content!
  -  NEW! Transparent HTTP proxying install on network gateway and anything going out to port 80 would be cached/filtered!
  -  State-of-the-art multi-connections-per-thread architecture for avoiding "thread hell" enabling thousands of concurrent connections!
  -  Web servers can be assigned based on URL Rules with respect to client country/continent RAM/DISK caching; cache can serve stale file when assigned servers fail.
  -  Many options to speed up performance up to 10X!
  -  URL & header rewrites: Central point to manage all your URLs and request/response headers for SEO friendly sites!
  -  Local/NTLM Authentication on URL rule basis; affordable SSL VPN! Persistent (sticky) sessions for better consistency
  -  Configurable GZip compression: Reduce HTML/CSS/JS bandwidth and loading time up to 70%! Extensive W3C screen and file logging and real-time monitoring lets you see pattern of your visitors! Bandwidth throttling

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