SGS VideoPlayer Free Windows player 2.0.0

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SGS VideoPlayer is an easy to use and powerful video Windows player for playing movie files.

SGS VideoPlayer is a totally free software. It is created to be a convenience, portable and robust video player that comes with video pack codec (K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Full) for a wide variety of media playbacks.

This video player is available for Windows OS. It is based on "DirectShow" - multimedia framework and API produced by Microsoft for software developers to perform various operations with media files or streams. It also supports a hardware acceleration and can use OpenGL graphic interface for rendering video. SGS VideoPlayer can play videos with various kinds of the most popular formats like: AVI, WMV, FLV and MP4 and even supports play DVD movies and blu-ray discs.

Key features of SGS VideoPlayer:

  -  Drag & Drop: drag your video file and drop it into SGS VideoPlayer main window or desktop icon
  -  Supporting AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MPG, MPEG and VOB video file formats
  -  Full Screen for a wider image
  -  Fully Resizable window
  -  Unicode support
  -  Always on top to keep an eye on it anytime
  -  Handy volume commands and mute option
  -  Auto hide control and mouse cursor on all screen modes
  -  Practical Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast forward and Seeking bar buttons
  -  Elapsed and total time always displayed to keep them under control
  -  Multi instance which allows you to run multiple video files at the same time
  -  Using DirectShow technology for opening video files
  -  Supports OpenGL (starts from 1.0) and GDI+ graphic interface for rendering video
  -  Comes with K-Lite codec Full pack
  -  Disable\Enable screen saver while program is working
  -  Supports hardware acceleration for rendering video in OpenGL mode

  • SGS VideoPlayer Free Windows player 2.0.0
  • SGS VideoPlayer Free Windows player 2.0.0

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