SlimBoat 1.1.24

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SlimBoat is yet another multi-tabbed web browser that integrates some powerful features which focus on speed, stability and plug-ins.

The interface of the tool is clean and familiar. So, you can add and manage bookmarks, translate the current page or selected text, add and organize groups, as well as view and access the thumbnails of the last opened pages.

SlimBoat packs an autofill form feature - with the best match, saved forms, the current identity or identities. From the 'Tools' menu, you have direct access to some Facebook functions (share your status, page or selected text).

But the tool also lets you share a page on Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon,,, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Email, from the same menu.

Additional features of SlimBoat let you manage downloads, enable a web inspector, download all content from the current page, enable ad and popup blockers, customize aliases for URLs and assign site names.

By accessing the 'Settings' panel, you can configure startup options (e.g. restore last open sites, open a specific page or group), make the tool clean items (e.g. browser history, cookies, icon cache), customize the weather display in the status bar, just to name a few.

The web browser has a good navigation speed and response time, uses a moderate amount of system resources, and includes user documentation. We have not come across any problems during our evaluation; SlimBoat did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Less experienced users can quickly get familiarized with SlimBoat's features.

Here are some key features of "SlimBoat":

QuickFill form filler:
  - Completes web form for you automatically and gives you one-click access to your favorite online accounts.

Facebook Integration:
  - You can share a page, a picture or a piece of text on any page on Facebook with a single click.

Download Manager:
  - The download manager makes it easy to track and organize your download jobs.

Popup Blocker:
  - The popup blocker kills all annoying popup ads before it has chance to disturb you.

Quick Search:
  - The quick-search bar gives you instant access to popular search enginesne while also allow you to create/define your own favorite engine.

Weather Forecast Information:
  - Display current weather condition in the status bar of the web browser so that you know what is going on outside all the time.

Web page translation:
  - The select-and-translate feature allows you to translate any text within a web page without leaving the page.

URL Alias:
  - You can type pre-defined short alias instead of long URL to browse frequently visited internet sites.

Site group:
  - The site group feature lets you save a collection of web sites as a group and open all of them at once with a single click.

  • SlimBoat 1.1.24
  • SlimBoat 1.1.24

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