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Squid Efficiency Analyzer 1.1.0 Squid Efficiency Analyzer
Squid Efficiency Analyzer interprets a Squid log (native) for proxy efficiency.
Tags: Squid Efficiency Analyzer, squideff.exe, native log, web traffic,
Overall Average:

Video Card Stability Test Video Card Stability Test
Video Card Stress Testing + Benchmark + 3D Screensaver!
Tags: 3D ScreenSaver, FreeWare, Video Card, Stress Testing, Benchmark,
Overall Average:

CPUSpy 1.044 CPUSpy
CPUID testing utility with HTML file Report and Cache, drive and OS Testing
Tags: CPUID, cache, CPU, test, Speed, drives. OS, MHz, assembly, Sinner,
Overall Average:

CrazyInfo 1.3 CrazyInfo
Small tool for displaying the CPU clock, CPU usage, RAM usage!
Tags: CPU, clock, usage, available, RAM, memory,
Overall Average:

JBlitz Professional 5.1 JBlitz Professional
Load, performance and functional testing for websites and web applications
Tags: test, stress, load, stress test, load test, performance, tool, web, internet, URL, HTTP, java, cross platform, website, site, web server,
Overall Average:

ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool 2.08 ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool
Fast and complete analysis of your computer hardware and software
Tags: sysinfo, hardware, inventory, test, utility,
Overall Average:

DiskBenchmark 1.2.4 DiskBenchmark
Disk Benchmark is a free utility
Overall Average:

Dacris Benchmarks 8.1 Dacris Benchmarks
Tests the performance of the components in your PC and optimizes accordingly.
Tags: dacris, benchmark, system, diagnostic, performance, test, speed, tweak, optimize, computer, compare, report, hardware, analysis, evaluate, results,
Overall Average:

Dr. Hardware 2011 12.5.0d Dr. Hardware 2011
Very powerful and thorough hardware detection program
Tags: System analysis, hardware detection, benchmarks, troubleshooting, system maintainance,
Overall Average:

Compact Tray Meter 1.1 Compact Tray Meter
Compact utility to report CPU and RAM usage right off the notification tray area
Tags: cpu, ram, meter, tray meter, cpu meter, ram meter, cpu clock, ram amount,
Overall Average:

Dr. Hardware 2009 9.9.5e Dr. Hardware 2009
Very powerful and thorough hardware detection program
Tags: System analysis, hardware detection, benchmarks, troubleshooting, system maintainance,
Overall Average:

datamarck 0.0.4 datamarck
Measures storage performance of hard drives and compares to benchmark database
Tags: hard disk, hard disk performance, hard drive, performance, benchmarck, storage,
Overall Average:

Performance Monitor 4.0 Performance Monitor
Monitor your CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization with this program
Tags: Performance Monitor, CPU Monitor, Disk Monitor, Network Monitor, Memory Monitor,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

eBoostr Pro 3.02.508 eBoostr Pro
eBoostr utilizes USB sticks to dramatically speed up your PC and applications.
Tags: eboostr, eBooster, acceleration, accelerate, slow PC, lame, computer, netbook, laptop, system, windows7, acceleration software, netbooks, SD memory, memory stick,
Overall Average:

Mihov Blank Screen 1.4 Mihov Blank Screen
Use the program to set the brightness and test the quality of a monitor.
Tags: screen, test, monitor, display, blank, storm, bad, works, white, jumps, picture, image, grey, color, LCD, tube,
Overall Average:

O&K Work Spy O&K Work Spy
Tool for collecting the exact statistics of what the user does in real time.
Tags: user, actitivity, work, program, stastistics, log,
Overall Average:

PerformanceTest 7.0.1021 PerformanceTest
Easy-to-use PC hardware benchmarking software
Tags: benchmark, testing, performance, passmark, speed, timing, mark, performancetest, hardware, CPU, program, network, bandwidth, DVD, processor,
Overall Average:

CpuFrequenz 1.02 CpuFrequenz
Small tool to accurately identify the CPU frequency. The PC is slow! Is it the C
Tags: Cpu, Frequenz, Frkuennz, Prozessor, Megaherz, Procesor, Takt, Referenztakt, Multiplikator, Athlon, Intel, Core,
Overall Average:

OnlyStopWatch 2.12 OnlyStopWatch
OnlyStopWatch is only a watch to stop the time. With milliseconds precision.
Tags: stopwatch, chronograph, stop watch, microchronometer, electronic, time,
Overall Average:

Readfile 1.60 Readfile
Readfile calculate CRC32, Adler32, MD5 and SHA1. Benchmark CPU and Disk
Tags: Readfile, Sha1, Md5, Crc32, Adler32,
Overall Average:

Usage Monitor Usage Monitor
Be informed when a process has reached a set limit
Tags: Process Monitor, Usage, Limits, Monitor, Memory, GDI, Processes,
Overall Average:

MyConnection PC Lite 3.0e MyConnection PC Lite
Test your Internet connection download and upload speeds, connection quality
Tags: speed test, bandwidth, download, upload, connection, broadband,
Overall Average:

th0r1n's Load Monitor 2.0 th0r1n's Load Monitor
bots, forex, trading, robot, search, robots, software, market, system, money,
Tags: bots, forex, trading, robot, search, robots, software, market, system, money, engine, google, computer, new, automate, world,
Overall Average:

ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool 5.48 ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool
This program performs computer configuration analysis and diagnostics.
Tags: system, information, hardware, test, utility,
Overall Average:

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