TimeBell 1.7

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TimeBell program is simple and convenient in use. Possesses a clear interface intuitively. For user convenience all actions for creation of a reminder are in the one window interface. The TimeBell can remind you about important events showing a notification message,by playing music, opening a document or file, or starting the program ,shut down or restart PC you choice in nominated you time.The number of reminders is 50. The notification on missed reminders is during the start-up (if the program was not launched in time mentioned in the reminder). As well as possibility to look at tasks for the current date (if this option is chosen). Your can choose the skins. Your can choose the repetition for reminders. Choice the color of the fonts.Your can choose the function a calendar. Function talk the time every hour.Function displayed a zodiac constellations in the calendar and the year of eastern calendar.
1. The updated interface.
2. The choose transparence the window a calendar.
3. The corrected mistakes.
4. The number of reminders is 50 .
5. Possibility of editing reminders.

  • TimeBell 1.7
  • TimeBell 1.7

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