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TimeLeft is a program designed to help you create several clock-related functions, such as a reminder and timer. It can be seamlessly used by experienced users.

This tool can also be installed as a portable application. In this case, you can store TimeLeft on an external device (like a USB flash drive) and directly run its executable file on any computer.

Plus, no leftover items can be found in the Windows Registry or on the hard drive after deleting the utility.

The app is packed in a standard interface with an intuitive layout. TimeLeft allows you to add or modify an existing reminder, clock, timer, auction watch, countdown, sticker and stop watch. But you can also synchronize time with the one from online servers.

Several customization features are available through this utility. So, you can enable sound and various actions, change the layout and skin of the clock's frame, as well as add borders and effects. Plus, you can make TimeLeft automatically run at system startup and stay on top of other windows, enable transparency mode, create a taskbar button, and prevent the frames from being dragged on the desktop.

TimeLeft uses a moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time and contains a user's guide for all levels of experience. No error dialogs have popped up during our evaluation and TimeLeft did not freeze or crash. However, the interface could had been better organized, since it can be confusing to first-time users.

Key features of TimeLeft:

  - Reminder is the most powerful TimeLeft tool that lets you schedule any events: from the simplest one-time notifications to sophisticated recurring events with complex rules
  - Trayclock - replace your Windows' built-in system-tray clock with skinnable TimeLeft clock
  - Clock displays time in different time zones
  - Countdown tracks the amount of time till (or passed after) the specified event
  - Stopwatch measures time interval
  - Timer measures time interval and signals its end
  - Sticker displays a sticky note on your desktop
  - Time Synchronization - TimeLeft uses atomic clock servers to adjust time on your computer
  - Auction Watch - you can manage your online (eBay etc.) auctions using Auction Watch module
  - Countdown For Web - you can place a countdown to your web-page using Export to Web module
  - Working days/hours countdown tracks the amount of working days, hours, minutes and seconds till (or passed after) the specified event
  - Floating Windows - every instance of countdown, clock, stopwatch, timer and sticker is a separate fully customizable floating window
  - Zoom - every countdown, clock, stopwatch, timer and sticker may have its own size
  - Various patterns of changing digits: - slide, - metamorphose

  • TimeLeft 3.62
  • TimeLeft 3.62

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