TrafficRefine 2.02

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TrafficRefine is an easy-to-use and effective tool for your home or small office computers. With TrafficRefine, you can control Internet traffic, set restrictions and permissions on a user accounts basis.

Technically speaking, TrafficRefine is a personal web filter. But what sets it apart from other such programs is its ease of use. We put every effort into making TrafficRefine as simple for an average computer user as it possibly can be. Yet it still offers you the full power of controlling web traffic on your computer.

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. But with the growing number of web sites, it is a challenging task for parents trying to protect their children from undesirable Internet content. TrafficRefine handles exactly this problem and doesn't require you to be a computer pro to configure it.

Main Features:

- Control downloadable files by their types - restrict access to potentially unsafe or undesired content

- Control web sites access by their categories - this feature lets you block thousands of web sites of a particular theme with just one mouse click

- Limit days and time when a user can use Internet access - the program provides a simple and clear interface for defining day/time restrictions

- Define black lists for each user - define your own list of web resources that should be blocked

- Fine tune web access with the use of white lists

- View logs of all accessed web resources - who, what and when

- Multi-language user interface

- Childproof interface - only selected users can configure or un-install the program.

  • TrafficRefine 2.02
  • TrafficRefine 2.02

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