Universal Extractor 1.6

Authors Description

Universal Extractor is a program do to exactly what it says: extract files from any type of archive, whether it's a simple zip file, an installation program, or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package.

7-zip archive - .7z, .exe
ACE archive - .ace
ARC archive - .arc
ARJ archive - .arj, .exe
ASpack compressed file - .exe
BIN/CUE CD-ROM image - .bin, .cue
bzip2 archive - .bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2
CPIO compressed file - .cpio
Debian package - .deb
DiscJuggler CD-ROM image - .cdi
Encoded files - .b64, .uu, .uue, .xx, .xxe, .yenc, .ntx
Gentee package - .exe
gzip archive - .gz, .tgz, .tar.gz
IMG floppy disk image - .img
Inno Setup package - .exe
Installer VISE package - .exe
InstallShield Cabinet archive - .cab, .1, .lib
InstallShield package - .exe
ISO 9660 CD-ROM image - .iso
KGB archive - .kgb, kge, .exe
LZH compressed file - .lzh, .lha
LZMA compressed file - .lzma
LZO compressed file - .lzo
LZW compressed file - .Z, .tz, .tar.Z
LZX compressed file - .lzx
MHTML file - .mht
Microsoft Cabinet archive - .cab, .exe, .imf
Microsoft Compiled Help file - .chm
Microsoft compressed file - .??_
Microsoft LIT e-book - .lit
Microsoft Windows Help file - .hlp
Nero CD-ROM images - .nrg
NSIS package - .exe
Oasis Document Format (ODF) document - .odt, .odp, .odg, .ods
Office Open XML (OOXML) document - .docx, .pptx, .xlsx
Outlook Express mail archive - .dbx
PEA archive - .pea
RAR archive - .rar, .001, .exe
Reflexive Arcade package - .exe
RoboForm package - .exe
RPM package - .rpm
SetupFactory package - .exe
SIS (SymbianOS) packages - .sis
StuffIt packages - .sit
TAR archive - .tar, .tbz2, .tgz, .tz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.z
UHARC archive - .uha
UPX compressed file - .exe, .dll
Windows Imaging Format image - .wim
Windows Installer package - .msi
Windows Installer patch - .msp
Windows Update Standalone patch - .msu
Wise Installer package - .exe
ZIP archive - .zip, .jar, .xpi, .wz, .exe
Zoo archive - .zoo

  • Universal Extractor 1.6
  • Universal Extractor 1.6

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