Visual Classroom Scheduler 4.1

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The Visual Classroom Scheduling System for timetabling and resource management was developed to reduce time and effort timetabling and provide a far better result for staff, students and educational management.
VCS promotes progressive and effective improvements to timetables within the educational budget by providing information and tools on-screen - all the time.
Departments can use VCS stand-alone or merge to produce College, School or Univerversity schedules.
Timetables for Student groups, Teaching Staff or Classrooms can be posted on noticeboards or uploaded to web-sites on the Internet.
Summary reports show costs per student group, teacher, classroom and subject allowing analysis and considered decisions on educational offerings and effective campus management.
Drag-and-drop capability in 4 on-screen views allow easy savings in rooming, and provide means to improve student and staff preferences and effficiency without compromise.
Constant software development and releases over 15 years, focus on ease-of-use and information at the mouse tip to maximise delivery within educational budgets.
VCS has a visual and unique on-screen management method that allows all staff including management, to review and particiipate in decisions on how best to achieve educational and management goals.

  • Visual Classroom Scheduler 4.1
  • Visual Classroom Scheduler 4.1

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