Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.5

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Visual Photo Time Stamp is a useful software that can extract and superimpose time codes for JPG photo files.

For most of today's digital cameras the photos are saved in JPG files. The
date and time at which a photo is taken are stored along with the image in so called EXIF format.

Such date and time information can be viewed on a PC once the JPG files are transferred from the digital camera to the PC.

When you make a hardcopy of a digital photo by using a color printer or by sending it to a photo lab, the date and time do not get printed on the hardcopy photo.

By using Visual Photo Time Stamp (vPTS), the date and time are extracted from the JPG files and superimposed onto the photos.

This way when a hardcopy is made from the JPG file, the date and/or time will show up on the photo.

NOTE: IF needed, you can find all the required DLLs here.

Here are some key features of "Visual Photo Time Stamp":

  -  Supports JPG file formats.
  -  Superimposes different formats of date/time to the photo, including custom stamp format.
  -  Superimposes some photo attributes (user comment, image description, shutter speed, aperture, focal length) to the photo.
  -  Time adjustment (year, month, days, hours, minutes) to the recording time code.
  -  Stamp in different languages
  -  User selected font (face, style, size).
  -  Font color, optional font outline color, and transparency adjustment..
  -  Arbitrary stamp location.
  -  Preview stamped photo, either in its actual size or fit the preview area. The effect of any change to the stamp options can be viewed instantly, before actual stamp process starts.
  -  Save settings in a project file.

  • Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.5
  • Visual Photo Time Stamp 2.1.5

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