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Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor 6.0

Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor description

This is an advanced ZIP password recovery utility. It features an easy GUI and a number of

exclusive attacks to beat ZIP passwords. It is a real ZIP password cracker.

Here is a brief list of VZPRP advantages: The program is smart enough to not give you incorrect

matches, as many other programs do. If it says that the password is here, then it really is. High

speed - up to 8,000,000 passwords/sec on a single PIV. You can make very effective use of your

local area network. Taking into account that LANs are now everywhere, your passwords can be

recovered with amazing speed. The dictionary includes 450,000 English words and more dictionaries

can be used. It can run in the background too, thus not disturbing any other processes in your PC.

It can manually check passwords using a heuristic analysis. You can interrupt the program at any

time and resume its execution later from the same point. Very user-friendly interface. The program

is customizable: you can set the password length (or length range) and the character set to be

used to perform brute-force attack. The program offers seven different types of attacks. Taking

into account the advantages of VZPRP, it is surely one of the most professional programs for

recovering those "hard to find" ZIP passwords. We guarantee that using the registered version you

will be able to recover a lost password 9 times out of 10.

Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor 6.0 screenshot

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OS Support: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003,

License: Shareware

Last Update: 20 Sep 2005

Downloads: 4,120

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: ZipCure Co, ltd

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