Wammu 0.36

Authors Description

Wammu is a useful mobile phone manager that runs on Linux, Windows and possibly other platforms, where Gammu and wxPython works.

Key features of Wammu:

 - complete support (can read/edit/delete/copy) for contacts, todo, calendar
 - can read/create/save/send/backup smses
 - sms composer for multi part smses (currently only text and predefined bitmap/sound can be edited)
 - can display smses including pictures and ringtones playback
 - support for backup and import (vCard, vCalendar, gammu own backup,...)
 - export messages to mail (IMAP4, maildir and mailbox storages are supported)
 - searching for phone
 - translated into several languages

  • Wammu 0.36
  • Wammu 0.36

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