Warehouse Inventory 2.2

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Warehouse Inventory is an easy-to-use application that can help you mange your inventory. If you have an online shop for example this program helps you to keep the overview.

You can use a barcode scanner or input the article number manually or simply click a button to increase or decrease the quantity of an entry. You can print your own barcodes with this software.

If you click on the caption of a column the program sorts the articles according to this column. The program creates a protocol and a date base of every transaction. You can always see the exactly time and date and the user who made a transaction.

You can print the actual inventory or the book entries or protocol. You can specify an admin password and deny the access to parts of the program which the actual user must not see.

You can import and export the articles to from and to the CSV file format. You can calculate the date of expiry and batch numbers

  • Warehouse Inventory 2.2
  • Warehouse Inventory 2.2

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