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WatchMe is a simple timer program that can be used to time a number of different tasks or events together or indepenedently of each other. You can easily name each timer and track information about the tasks that you are timing - a great solution for those who need to track their time for billing, timesheets and more.

Features Include:

- Ability to manage multiple timers at once.
- Group timers into multiple tabs for easier management (new in version 2.0).
- Give each timer a unique name.
- Display time in a number of formats including fractions of an hour, hours/minutes/seconds and more (more formats added in version 2.0).
- Store notes and comments on each timer.
- Quickly copy and paste time into other time tracking programs and billing programs.
- Export timers to XML or CSV.
- View total time for a grouping of timers (new in version 2.0).
- View total time accumulated across all of your timer.
- Timer alerts that can notify you after a set period of time has elapse.
- No install program - just copy the executable and run!
- And much more...

No install program - just copy the executable and run!

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