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Java & JavaScript

Sothink DHTML Menu 9.8 Sothink DHTML Menu
Easily make SE friendly drop down menus, JavaScript menus for web navigation.
Tags: JavaScript Menu, DHTML Menu, Drop Down Menu, Navigation Bar, Web Menu, Navigation Menu Builder, DHTML, Navigation, Menu,
Overall Average:

Sothink Tree Menu 3.0 Sothink Tree Menu
JavaScript tree menu and navigation tree menu maker with 50+ free tree templates
Tags: tree menu, menu tree, javascript menu, dhtml javascript tree menu, navigation tree menu, asp, php,
Overall Average:

Sothink Web Design Suite 2.4 Sothink Web Design Suite
Create JavaScript drop-down menu easily. NO JavaScript experience is required.
Tags: Web Design, HTML Editor, DHTML Menu, Drop Down Menu, DHTML Menu Builder, Dhtml Menu Maker,
Overall Average:

TimeZones 1.9 TimeZones
Displays all the TimeZone on your machine supported by Java
Tags: TimeZones, Java, daylight saving time, time, TimeZone ids, TimeZone offsets, time zones, timezones, time-zones,
Overall Average:

Java to read, write, align, sort, reshape, pack. comma, tab-separated files.
Tags: CSVReader, CSVWriter, Align, ChangeCase, Dedup, DeEntify, Dump, Entify, Pack, Patch, Reshape, Sort, TabToComma, ToHTML, TableToCSV, Tuple,
Overall Average:

Http 2.9 Http
HTTP / CGI GET / POST java class library
Tags: GCI, GET, POST, HEAD, CHASE, PROBE, urlencoded, read, write, server, http, https,
Overall Average:

Tidies, interconverts and Validates ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 book numbers.
Tags: ISBN, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, checkdigit, conversion, validation, EAN, UPC, books, International Standard Book Number, Bookland EAN-13,
Overall Average:

Apycom DHTML Menu 2.80 Apycom DHTML Menu
Create professional DHTML menus for your web site!
Tags: javascript, dhtml, menu, navigation, popup, source, website, drop-down, button, bar, pulldown,
Overall Average:

Boyer 1.5 Boyer
Fast string search (indexOf) using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.
Tags: Boyer-Moore, string search, search, indexOf, Java, fast string search, string handling,
Overall Average:

Mouse 1.4 Mouse
In Java, allows you to find out where the mouse in on the screen
Tags: mouse, java, getPointerInfo, position, co-ordinates, screen, location, mouse location, mouse position,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

InWords 4.6 InWords
Java code to converts number to words in any of 24 languagues.
Tags: number, in words, spell out, cheque, check, forty-two, Java, class, library,
Overall Average:

Pentium 1.5 Pentium
Java code to tell you facts about the Pentium and AMD CPU.
Tags: Pentium, java, AMD, CPU, CPSER, model, step, brand, instruction set family, CPU serial number, RDTSC,
Overall Average:

Spinner 1.1 Spinner
DateSpinner, hex and formatted dollar input for Java JSpinner.
Tags: Spinner, JSpinner, data entry, dollar format, DecimalFormat, hex, hexadecimal, DateSpinner,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Canadian Password Generator 1.8 Canadian Password Generator
Generates random passwords that are hard to guess.
Tags: HTTP, server, MIME, extension, configuring, check, validation,
Overall Average:

Encodings 1.6 Encodings
Applet to list all supported encodings (character sets) supported by Java.
Tags: encodings, Java, character sets, char sets, availableCharsets, nio,
Overall Average:

FileTimes 1.9 FileTimes
Read and set Windows file/dir times from Java: Create/LastModified/LastAccessed
Tags: FileTimes, Java, classes, create date, last modified date, last accessed date, directory times,
Overall Average:

KeyPlayer 1.5 KeyPlayer
Java Keystroke and Mouse Event Tutor / Keyboard Diagnostic.
Tags: Java, keystroke, mouse, event, tutor, alt, keystroke, key, hit, click, button, keyplayer, keyplay, keyboard diagnostic, diagnose defective keyboard,
Overall Average:

Wavelength 1.3 Wavelength
Wavelength creates Color objects given the light wavelength or the frequency
Tags: wavelength, Color, gamma, frequency, hue, specturm, rainbow, rgb, hsb,
Overall Average:

Comparators 1.4 Comparators
Comparator classes to include in your Java programs.
Tags: Comparator, Java, comparison, Comparable, comparing, comparing HTML, default Comparators,
Overall Average:

JTree JTree
JTree is a cross-browser/multiplatform Java tree menu applet with XML support
Tags: java, java applet, navigation component, tree view, dynamic menu, folder tree, XML, web site navigation, java navigation, web development,
Overall Average:

Vault File Upload and Download Applet 2.1 Vault File Upload and Download Applet
HTTP upload java applet. Provides multiple file upload/download functionality.
Tags: java, file upload, file, upload, download, applet, multiple file, manager, upload manager, uploader, server, http, https, unlimited, large file, progress bar,
Overall Average:

FileTransfer 2.5 FileTransfer
Java classes to cop, upload and download files.
Tags: file transfer, upload, download, read, write, copy,
Overall Average:

LEDataStream 1.8 LEDataStream
Little-endian replacements for DataInputStream, DataOutputStream and RandomAcces
Tags: LEDataStream, little endian, DataStream, Java, Microsoft, endian, byte sex, LEDataInputStream, LEDataOutputstream, LERandomAccessFile, Intel,
Overall Average:

cbadstol1 1.1 cbadstol1
use our free software for cb ads and scripts
Tags: walking, cb ads script, cb software,
Overall Average:

dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax/JavaScript Tabs 2.6 dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax/JavaScript Tabs
Ajax-enabled JavaScript tabs for building intuitive navigation interface.
Tags: javascript, DHTML, tab, tabbar, tab bar, tabs, tab control, ajax, javascript tabs, dhtml tabs, multiline, scrollable, ajax tab, tabstrip, tabbed, javascript tab,
Overall Average:

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