Webcam Zone Trigger 2.370

Authors Description

Webcam Zone Trigger is an innovative, intelligent motion detection software that gives you full control over the area being monitored. Because of its user-friendly, object-oriented interface, Webcam Zone Trigger is hands-down the easiest motion detection software to use.

Webcam Zone Trigger is a security tool that allows you protect your home.

Webcam Zone Trigger is a security-oriented motion detection software that sets itself appart from other motion detection systems because it uses Hot Spots to detect movement in specific zones of the image instead of looking for any movement, anywhere.

It was designed with the following purposes in mind: Security, monitoring and house automation. Upon detecting motion, Webcam Zone Trigger can perform many things, such as taking pictures, capturing video, sending images on the internet, executing processes, and more.

Here are some key features of "Webcam Zone Trigger":

 -  Security system for your house, office or store
 -  User interaction for a show booth or publicity display
 -  Automation for quality insurance
 -  Automatic notification upon detection of motion
 -  Statistic acquisition
 -  No skills required, super simple to use

  • Webcam Zone Trigger 2.370
  • Webcam Zone Trigger 2.370

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