WP-PostViews Plus widget 1.1

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WP-PostViews Plus plugin for WordPress blog, works like add-on to another wp-plugin WP-PostViews Plus by Richer Yang. Adds a widget to the sidebar to display most viewed posts and pages on WordPress sidebar.
It allows to show how many times the User or Bot visit the WP blog. The views statistic allow to analyse the page or post content usefulness of the article. For most WP users, the integration of the WP-PostViews Plus plugin to the sidebar can be a problem, Especially for non-technical blogers. The WP-PostViews Plus Widget makes the work for you. All you need, is to install the plugin, activate it and place the widget to the sidebar. There's no need to edit any template and change the PHP code.

  • WP-PostViews Plus widget 1.1
  • WP-PostViews Plus widget 1.1

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